Unknown Brood

Film poster for the theatrical release of ‘Unknown Brood‘ the Herman Brood biopic by Dennis Alink.

Hawk The Slayer (Sunset)

Hawk the Slayer

Limited edition 24″x36″ screen print of the amazing 80s sword and sorcery romp Hawk the Slayer.


Escape From New York | Frightfest Originals

Limited edition screen printed poster of the John Carpenter classic. Now on sale at www.frightfestoriginals.com.

Wake In Fright | Frightfest Originals

Limited edition 24″ x 36″ screenprint for Frightfest Originals at the 2013 Frightfest horror film festival.

The Wicker Man

Minimalist poster for the original and best 1973 version of ‘The Wicker Man‘.

Daddy Cross poster

A one-sheet poster for Ne’er Do Well Films for their ongoing web series ‘Daddy Cross – The Lost Vignettes’.

Hobo with a Shotgun poster

Designed for the ‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ event at the Prince Charles cinema London.